Reconstituted Marble


Since immemorial time, the marble from the Quarries of Macael has been used to build great works of art. Its skilled artisans have fashioned unique, hand-crafted pieces that serve as much-admired models for historical monuments.

All pieces can be purchased with a flat back or full back. Fabricated from high-quality marble, reduced to a very fine dust, mix it with specially treated resins to prevent the discolouring effects of the sun, and compress it to form sculptures and decorative items just as beautiful and valuable as those realized with traditional marble.



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The Face of Christ.

We have a wide range of marble plates of Christ in different poses to suit each individuals taste.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will enhance any grave side.Visit our showrooms and we would be happy to assist you in your choice and we will also place it upon the headstone of your loved one if your choice is that of the flat back version, if you wish.