Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I purchase a Headstone from Newport Memorials?

By contacting us by telephone or email or call to our showroom; our experienced staff will assist you in the entire process.


What Cemetery rules may apply?

  • Is it a Lawn cemetery – where there are no surrounds around the grave?
  • Is there a height restriction?
  • Is there a Burial Board fee / Foundation Fee?
  • Is there Planning Permission Required?

Is there interaction required with the cemetery?

Cemeteries are either owned by a County Council or they are Parish run. All normally have rules and regulations for granting permission to erect a headstone. Dependant on the cemetery, there can be a fee charged for this.
The permission will normally be applied for on your behalf by the monumental mason and any fees will be added onto your account. Only when permission is granted can the work proceed on your grave.


What happens when the permit is granted?

We will advise you when the Cemetery Authority grants permission. We will instruct our Stonemasons to prepare your Headstone and advise of the approximate date it will be erected.


Does the Headstone require future maintenance?

All natural materials including granite which are placed outdoors are susceptible to the elements. You can however expect your Headstone to be in pristine condition for several years.
If the need arises, we offer a complete renovation and repair service to ensure your Headstone is restored to its original condition, where possible. We will inspect your Headstone and advise whether it requires cleaning and/or if the existing Inscription requires re-painting or any other work is required.


Can I put a photograph / crest / symbol on the headstone?

Yes. A copy of a photograph, in colour or black and white is required. This will be used to prepare a ceramic photograph which can be mounted on to your headstone or accessory.


If the photograph is damaged, can we still use that?

Yes, it may still be possible; we can offer a service on inspection of imagery, to determine if the image can be photographically restored.

Our Showrooms.

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